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LEONARDO_Project VM-TEXTRANSF. Third meeting of the Steering Committee and presentation in Greece.

17/12/2013 | Last 9th of December, the third meeting of the Steering Committee was held in Pireaus (Greece). The aim was to examine the administrative and financial conditions of the project as well as the state of development of the activities. Also, the partners could present their situation and characteristics to the local skateholders. The meetig was continued the following day with a debate that allowed the partners to speak about the technical development and the actions and results that must be achieved over the next six months

VM-TEXTRANSF Project: "Transfer of Training Methodologies and Contents about Visual Merchandising for the Textile Sector”, financed by the EU in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects "Transfer of Innovation”. It is an initiative designed by DEVALAR for ATEXGA (Galician Textile Asociation)

The general objective of the project is to transfer contents/methodologies/innovative training tools in the field of visual merchandising for the European regions with low training in that field.

This objective will be achieved by putting to work in common institutions dedicated to the textile industry in their areas, which will be able to supply this information and to give this training to companies of the textile industry or institutions, who will benefit from a new training and skills development tool as needed to create a new and better training of job offer.

The project has a duration of two years, is led by ATEXGA (Galician textile Association) and with the collaboration of the Industrial University - Center of research of ADANA, Turkey, IDEC S.A., LATIA and TEKO.






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