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MOZAMBIQUE- AUGAS DE GALICIA. Beginning of the justification process.

16/10/2013 | Devalar Consultoría Europea has started the economic and technical justification of the project PATCO ARA-NORTE developed in Mozambique ir order to check to what extent th objectives of the project have been reached up to now.

The project, which lasts for 30 months (from 2011 to 2014), was approved in the first call for proposal of the X European Development Fund. Fund of Water ACP – UE. The major beneficiarie of the project is Augas de Galicia, working with Universidade da Coruña, UPC, Amphos 21, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Administração Regional de Águas do Norte.

The project aims to develop and reinforce the capacity of the ACP countries in the sanitary and water sectors, leading a better governance and management of the water in order to develop and mantain a good system of water infrastructure.






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