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COSTA RICA: PIDERAL, first CTDR in Costa Rica constituted

24/10/2013 | Last 3 October, the Territorial Council for Rural Development (CTDR) was formally constituted in Territorio de Talamanca – Valle de la Estrella. It is the first CTDR that has been constituted in the country under the transformation process by IDA in INDER and the provisions of the Act 9036.

The CTDR was created under the umbrella of the 8ª missión of General Technical Assistance (ATG) of the project PIDERAL, which is responsability of DEVALAR Consultoría Europea.

The new CTDR consists of an Asambly of 54 accredited agents, who represent the civil society and the private enterprise of the territory. There are also representatives of 7 public authorities,i.e. INDER (which is in charge of managing the technical secretariat of the new entityque),MAG, MIDEPLAN, JAPDEVA, IMAS and the municipalities Limón and Talamanca.

The Asambly selected the Steering Committee of the new entity, which will be composed by 15 member: 9 in representation of the civil society and the private enterprise and 6 in representation of the public authorities. According to the Act 9036, which fosters the principle of gender equality and the representation of disadvantages groups, 6 of the members are women and 2 represent the indigenous community of the place.

Over the nest weeks, the Steering Committee will be in charge of finishing the elaboration of the Plan for Territorial Rural Development(PDRT). The Committee will be technically assisted by the local staff as well as by DEVALAR. It is predicted that the CTDR Asembly approves the Plan by the middle of November.

The project PIDERAL (Políticas Innovadoras para o Desenvolvemento dos Territorios Rurais en América Latina - Innovative Policies for the Development of Rural Territories in Latin America) is promoted by IICA (Interamerican Institute for Cooperation in the field of Agriculture) and financied by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development).






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