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2015 Call of Grants for Cooperation Projects and Micro-projects. Xunta de Galicia.

01/01/2015 | Last December 30th it was published in the Diario Oficial de Galicia the 2015 call of grants for implementation of projects and micro-projects of development cooperation abroad promoted by cooperation agents.

This call specifies the types of projects that can seek help and the total funding for each:

- Outdoor Projects implemented by non-governmental development cooperation organizations (NGO); with a total allocation of € 2,870,000 (€ 1,435,000 for 2015 and € 1,435,000 for 2016).
- Micro-projects abroad implemented by NGOs in development cooperation or by other actors or entities whose aims include conducting cooperation activities for development; with a funding of € 80,000 for 2015.
- Outdoor Projects executed by other cooperation agents recognized by Law 3/2003 of 19 June, of cooperation for development (universities, companies, unions, foundations, Galician communities; with a total grant of € 700,000 divided into two years (€ 350.00 for 2015 and € 350,000 for 2016).

The Xunta de Galicia co-finance up to 95% of the project budget.

This call is part of the III Plan Director de la Cooperación Gallega 2014-2017.

The deadline for submission of applications is 30 January 2015.


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